Captain Donnie Smith

Captain Donnie has the skill and experience you need in a captain in order to get the most out of your Cape Hatteras charter. Captain Donnie has fished for a living since 1983, working on a trawler where he fished drop net boats. After his experience on trawlers, Captain Donnie gained experience with dory fishing as well as pound net fishing.

Eventually, he discovered his passion for charter fishing while fishing as a mate on a charter boat in 1986. As a result, he received his Captain's license in 1987 and ran a 35 foot Charter boat by the name of Miss Behaving. Two years later, in 1989, he ran the first Big Eye. With well over two decades of experience serving as Captain, you are in exceedingly capable hands when you join Captain Donnie on The Big Eye.

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The Big Eye

The 46 foot Big Eye fishing vessel is a custom Carolina vessel capable of cruising at 21 knots. As such, The Big Eye will navigate the choppiest waters of the Outer Banks, and you can do so in comfort. Air conditioning and heating are available in the Big Eye's cabins, so your quarters will stay cool or cozy depending on the time of year and your preference. Our vessel also provides fish cleaning services if you just want to focus on catching your big game. The Big Eye is also outfitted with the latest electronics and amenities, providing state of the art color fish finder, GPS plotters and a sea water temperature gauge. We also provide quality sailfish chairs, an ice box, insulated fish box and bait box. Finally, the cabin is equipped with a microwave and an XM stereo for your convenience.